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Can't Hurt Me Book Summary

Can’t Hurt Me Book Summary

About Can't Hurt Me, David Goggins:

Nowadays everyone is too busy with their busy routines. So this time Digi book hub provides you with one of the best and most interesting books that give you more pleasure. Therefore, the name of the book is “Can’t Hurt Me“. This book is written by David Goggins. The publisher of that book you can’t hurt me is Lioncrest Publishing (December 4, 2018). The weight of this book is only 1.17 pounds.
This book you can hurt me I can hurt you has been published in the English language. After that, it came from many languages.
It contains 364 pages on the hardcover. The price of your cant hurt my book is $17.99(Rs-385) for the hardcover. The rating of this book is 4.8 out of 5 stars on amazon and 4.4 out of 5 stars on Flipkart. The rank of this book that can’t hurt me is (#51 in success self-help, #62 in memoirs, #64 in motivational self-help)..

David Goggins can't hurt me Summary:

This is the story of David Gogglins, who has a violent father who took responsibility at an early age, cannot concentrate on schooling, is bullied by friends at school for being a black man, also doesn’t have money. Troubled since childhood due to. The most important thing is depression, directionlessness, and being overweight. He faced all the challenges and to be a member of the United States Navy seal and also be the toughest man in the world.
Now we are telling you how did he become the toughest man in the world against a normal person. We are looking at all the challenges that David Goggins is facing. If we will do this challenge then we all achieve all things we want.

Challenge 1- Take inventory of your past and present

Firstly you should make a list of past those who help to achieve your goal. Davids made a list about violent father, no money, overweight, depressed, and directionless but after, David challenged all problems to reach David’s ultimate goal. David said to the reader, you should have made a list for achieving your goal.

Challenge 2- Accontibillity mirror by (you can't hurt me):

We have to change present circumstances to achieve our goals. They can only do this if we are accountable for achieving our goals. To achieve a big goal, firstly you make a small goal and stick the mirror for remembering again and again and accountable for achieving your goals. David Goggins did the same thing on his mirror. after completing the small goal, He removed from the mirror and attached new small goals.

Challenge 3- Comfort zone to discomfort zone

David Goggins said to the reader, you should have gone from comfort zone to discomfort zone. You should work in a comfort zone but after doing this you feel uncomfortable but you need to achieve your goals. You will go to the discomfort zone, you will make a very strong.

Challenge 4- Show excellence in whatever you do, and visualize your goal achievement

If you want to do something firstly, you have to achieve excellence in whatever you do.
You will do anything with a total focus on that and also you will have to expert in that.
David also said that in our minds you have almost 1000 to 2000 thoughts, Which comes to your mind. But you have to focus on the ultimate goal those you want to achieve.
Ex- you visualize, if you want to marry with coaching friend, you are taking a photographer on the wedding day. But the author told it isn’t enough for visualizing, with visualizing, you have to focus on all the challenges that interfere between you and your goal.

Challenge 5- Take inventory of your cookie jar by (Can't hurt my book)

Most of the people in day-to-day life have a cookie jar. In the cookie jar, They have a lot of cookies. Everyone faces obstacles and also overcome there. Someone quit alcohol, Someone quit smoking, Someone passes the entrance exam and Someone takes a good grade in college. If you have any problems achieving the existing goal then you remember the cookie jar and all the small achievements that help to go ahead.

Challenge 6- The forty percent rule by (David Goggins can't hurt me)

According to David Gogglins, Most of the person do an effort only 40 percent to achieve their goals after that they left. But they feel, we have given 100% that’s why we feel this goal is not for me but we give to effort only 40%, and the rest of 60% we don’t use. If we will use additional effort (60%) then we will achieve our set goals.

Challenge 7- To make a proper schedule and never stop

Firstly, You should make a proper schedule and work on it. And never stop after achieving small goals. You should get ready for new challenges and get ahead.

Challenge (8) by (Can't hurt me, David Goggins)

David Goggins explains a notion he’s learned: that everyone, including Special Forces or celebrities, is simply a human being. Everybody is more “normal” than you anticipate. However, Goggins being Goggins, wanted to go beyond the usual and achieve extraordinary feats.

To achieve extraordinary feats on your own, Goggins suggests the scheduling tool. This is a three-week challenge. Throughout the first week, write down your current schedule, everything you do, in great detail, with timestamps. This establishes your starting point. Develop a unique “ideal plan” for week two that fits everything into 15 or 30-minute time blocks (it’s OK if a task needs several time blocks). Utilize timestamps once again. By week three, you should have a firm grasp on what works best and how to maximize your time and effort.

Challenge (9) by (Can t hurt me book quotes)

Following that, David Goggins discusses the drive to go above and beyond, even after achieving his objectives. He emphasizes the importance of setting new objectives and achieving them. He advises against succumbing to complacency and instead to strive for more. William asserts that greatness does not last indefinitely.

The ninth challenge outlined in the Can’t Hurt Me description is maintaining a “continuous chase” or “unending effort” to develop into a genuine overachiever. This implies that you must continuously overcome difficulties to become the greatest of the best.

Challenge (10) by can t hurt me a book:

In the last part of the book, David Goggins admits that he initially failed while attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the most pull-ups. However, he did not let this deter him. On the contrary, it drove him even harder to attempt again and finally break the record.

The last task in the synopsis of Can’t Hurt Me is to consider your shortcomings. Take up your notebook and jot down the positive outcomes of your failures and how you dealt with them. Then, read through that list and create a new one of things you can improve, along with a timetable to accomplish these objectives. They should be written on Post-It notes and posted on your accountability mirror. Utilize what you’ve learned in prior trials to assist you in achieving those objectives. Finally, go outside and crush this “you can’t harm me” attitude.

Conclusion of this book Can’t hurt me:

“By the time I finished, I realized that the confidence I’d developed was not the outcome of an excellent household or God-given capacity. It sprang from personal responsibility, which earned me self-worth, and also self-worth will constantly illuminate the course ahead.” “Very couple of individuals recognize how it feels to be on the bottom, but I do. It’s similar to the mire. It seizes you, pulls you in, and also refuses to allow go. When life resembles way, it’s very easy to stray and also duplicate the same comfortable decisions that are eliminating you.” “You’re most likely operating at around 40% of your complete potential.”

“Heraclitus, a fifth-century Bce philosopher born in the Persian Empire, was proper when he spoke about males on the field of battle. ‘Out of every hundred soldiers,” he claimed, “10 should not be there in all; eighty are simply targets; 9 are the true warriors, and also we are lucky to have them, due to the fact that they are things that make the fight. Nonetheless, one is a fighter …'” “You are eligible to perish the minute you breathe your initial take a breath. Additionally, you become eligible to find your achievement and ascend to the level of the One Warrior.

Nonetheless, it depends on you to prepare for the battle in advance.” “Only you have the power to manage your ideas, which is called for to live a courageous life filled with accomplishments, other individuals believe difficult.” “Humans go through modification as a result of research, routine, and stories.

Via my story, you’ll uncover what the mind and body can do when pressed to their limits, along with how to get there. Because when you are motivated, whatever takes place before you come to be gas for your metamorphosis, whether it be racism, sexism, injuries, divorce, misery, weight problems, disaster, or destitution.” “I psychologically conditioned myself to desire pain. If it had not been drizzling, I would certainly choose a run.

Whenever it began to snow, my ideas stated, Put on your fu * king running shoes. Periodically, I wussed out and was required to challenge it at the Liability Mirror. Nevertheless, challenging the mirror, facing myself, pressed me to stand firm with unpleasant situations, and as a consequence, I expanded tougher. And also being solid and also durable aided me in accomplishing my objectives.” “Everything in life is a game of the mind! Whenever we get caught up in life’s dramatization, big and also little, we fail to remember that regardless of exactly how dreadful the agony becomes, no matter exactly how agonizing the torture, all negative points concern an end.”

The author of Can't hurt my book:

Can't Hurt Me
David Goggins

David Goggins

David Goggins was born on 17 February 1975. He is an American ultramarathon runner, ultra-distance cyclist, public speaker, and author. He has done Guinness World Record holder for having completed 4,030 pull-ups within 17 hours… Each of these achievements is part of one man’s life journey. He lives in the U.S.A. “Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and taking souls book” was written by David Goggins. He has a lot of awards like a meritorious service medal, army achievement medal e.t.c. But in 2013, Goggins’ awards set the Guinness World Record for most pull-ups in 24 hours, completing 4,030. Which he held until 2014.

The audience for can't hurt me by David Goggins:

This Goggins book is related to achieving a goal. We thought all the people have a goal and also want to achieve it. That’s why we are telling this book to help all audiences. These books also help to provide a piece of good knowledge, about how to face all the challenges related to achieving your goals. This doesn’t hurt my book helps to businessman to be a great businessman, To help the student to be a topper and also helps the reader to enhance the great knowledge.

Overview of Can’t Hurt Me.

Customer Review: The review of the customer on this book is too good. The rating of this book on Amazon is 4.8 out of 5 stars and the rating on Flipkart is 4.5 out of 5 stars. Almost 50k customers like this book from Amazon also 33k customers like this from Flipkart.

Can't Hurt Me
Can't Hurt Me
Can't Hurt Me

Our opinion on Can’t Hurt Me.

We love this book. We have read all self-improvement books in the past 2 years, and this is in my top 3. If you can look past the cursing it one of the best motivational books on the planet. It will change your mindset, and help to break the limits you put on yourself. It is the most important book for achieving a goal with the help of the past.

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